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Du lịch Đông Âu

Mã tour : TOUR077
Thời gian : 22/10/2015
Ngày đi : 22/10/2015
Đặt tour
Travel Europe - Europe is known for the construction of cultural history and long-standing economic relatively bold ancient Greece. Coming to Europe - where the focus of luxury golden cities, visitors can admire the historical architecture buildings, the oldest old town, enjoy the food and have characterized Western experience unforgettable.

Day 1: City. HO CHI MINH CITY / HANOI - PARIS (Meals on the plane)
We pick you up at the airport for the flight to Paris. Refreshments and overnight onboard
Day 2: PARIS - Eiffel Tower (3 meals)
Morning: Arrive airport Charles De Gaulle International Tours depart:
Triumphal Arch (Arc de Triomphe) - France's historic icons.
Concorde Square.
Invalides - where the tomb of Napoleon.
Noon: Group lunch at local restaurant.
Visiting the Eiffel Tower: visitors have the opportunity to the 2nd floor of this wonder to admire the beauty of the whole city and capture unforgettable images and symbols of France.
Boating on the river Sein.
Evening: Dinner at a restaurant, free to walk around the hotel or lodging.
Day 3: PARIS - VERSAILLES (3 meals)
Morning: Have breakfast at the hotel.
Depart for sightseeing:
Palace of Versailles - the residence of many of King Louis, the work marks the essence of the art of the 17th and 18th century France, where many antiques store of Royal.
Noon: Group lunch at local restaurant.
Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacred Heart church - famous attractions in Paris, built in the 19th century.
Guests go on up the hill Montmartre cable (Mongolia Hill Marxist). Panoramic view of Paris.
Visit the Basilica of Sacre Coeur
Evening: After dinner, guests return to the hotel to rest.
Day 4: PARIS - BUDAPEST (3 meals)
Morning: Have breakfast at hotel, check-out procedures. Depart airport for flights to Eastern Europe with the first stop will be Budapest - dubbed the 'Pearl of the Danube'.
Delegation to Budapest, Pick of the city center.
Dinner: Dinner, you check in hotel and rest.
Day 5: BUDAPEST - Pearl EASTERN EUROPE (3 meals)
Morning: Have breakfast at hotel, depart to visit:
National Theater Opera - masterpiece of modern architecture Renaissance
Parliament House & Square Budapest Heroes
Andrássy Avenue - the main road in the center and takes on the Champs - Elysees of Paris magnificent.
Noon: Group lunch at local restaurant. Continue to visit:
Matthias Church - which organized the coronation throne of the kings of Hungary.
Continue to visit the Central Market Hall - home of the oldest markets of Hungary.
Vehicles will take you to spring bath at the request of guests.
Evening: Dinner. You check in the hotel to rest.
Day 6: BUDAPEST - VIENNA (3 meals)
Morning: Have breakfast at the hotel and check out.
Depart Vienna - was named the city of music because it is the birthplace or home of the musical genius like Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert.
Schonbrunn Palace - also known as the palace of the 'fountain of youthful' by Emperor Mathias set when he discovered the fountain of healing work and move about the city center, it is currently summer palace Imperial Family of Austria.
Noon: Lunch at a restaurant, continue to visit:
Royal palace Hofburg Congress Building and Austria.
Cathedral St. Stephen.
Symphony Vienna - where the source of romantic music.
Dinner: Bus tour to dine at the restaurant. Check in at the hotel to rest in Vienna.
Day 7: VIENNA - PRAGUE (3 meals)
Morning: Breakfast at hotel, check-out procedures, depart for Prague, Brno lunch.
Visit to Prague - the heart of the former Czechoslovakia, one of the city intact after the 2nd world war, depart to visit:
- Square old town - the ancient architectural complex includes the church, the town hall ... this can be considered a symbol of Czech la 2.
- Orjo clock tower - more than 600 years since it was produced (1410), every 1 hour rooster on top of the clock still regularly take forward nape bring convenience for travelers passing by.
- Dancing house - or Local people also known as 'the drunk'
Evening: Group dinner in the hotel to rest.
Day 8: PRAGUE - Krakow (breakfast, lunch)
Morning: Breakfast at hotel, visit:
- Prague Castle - a place of Czech kings and emperors of the Roman Empire for many centuries residence, campus castle St. Vitus cathedral there - is considered the largest and most important Theun of Czech.
- Museum and synagogue - ruins of ancient settlements - among them the Jewish Town Hall and the famous Jewish cemetery in Europe.
- Charles Bridge - this is one of the oldest stone bridge connecting the two shores of Europe's beautiful rivers Vltava, with the object of divine kings and bridge 2 on the bank watching the footsteps of travelers.
Noon: Group lunch at local restaurant. Continue the journey to Poland - the country of peace and friendly, the land is the special love of the poet To Huu coming here:
Baby, Poland snowmelt season
Birch sugar white mist filled sun
He goes, heard the old man outlook
A poetic voice dipping, a male voice.
                                         (To Huu)
Evening: Visit to Krakow, dinner solution for the hotel to rest.
Day 9: Krakow (3 meals)
Morning: Breakfast at hotel, depart to visit Krakow - the former capital of Poland - historic culture the world's largest.
- Wieliczka salt mine - salt mines were exploited from the 13th century to the present, with mining communities, churches, inside the convention center, Wieliczka salt mine will make you leaning before the perfect combination of nature and human hands.
- Wawel Palace - world cultural heritage, the church complex in the campus and the legends about dragons will bring you back to the ancient world.
Noon: Group lunch at the restaurant. Visit:
- Old town market square with church communities and the town hall, continue shopping at the market center Cloth Hall - where selling textiles, clothing and other essential items, bustling activity and the majority serving tourists.
- Walking on the road Royal Road (the royal path) to find traces of the old times.
Evening: Group dinner in the hotel to rest.
Day 10: Krakow - Warsaw (3 meals)
Morning: Breakfast at hotel, check-out procedures. Depart back to Warsaw, en route to visit the monastery of Jasna union Cora (mountain of light) - Monastery of the Virgin of Poland's most famous painting 'black bars' is the most famous artifacts library.
Noon: Visit to Warsaw - mermaid city, lunch at local restaurant, continue sightseeing: Visit City Hall, the Royal Castle Square, Old Town is a UNESCO Heritage world, musician Chopin Monument, the Royal route Avenue with multiple buildings & famous mansion Presidential Palace, Cathedral St. Anne, Prince Poniatowski monument.
Evening: Group dinner in the hotel to rest.
Day 11: Warsaw - TP. HO CHI MINH CITY / HANOI (3 meals)
Morning: Breakfast at hotel, check-out procedures.
Free shopping to the airport now, HDV union procedures for flight to Vietnam.
To Vietnam - the program ends. Hope to see you.


Price List:

 DEPARTURE 25/10; 20/11; 22/12
TOUR PRICES 125,000,000 VND
(***) Rate may vary at time of payment
 The price includes:
- Flights to international routes: Ho Chi Minh City (Hanoi) - Paris // Warsaw - HCMC (Hanoi)
- Taxes, fuel surcharge, security fees, airport fees 2 domestic airport.
- 4 star hotel fully equipped, standard double rooms. In case of necessity for reasons of sex, three rooms will be arranged.
- Invitations Schengen.
- Guides from Vietnam follow during the tour.
- Eating under program
- Shuttle to visit the program
- Entrance fees according to program
- Souvenir gift: hats, travel bags, leather passport
- Schengen visa fees, translation fees profiles.
- International travel insurance with compensation 1,000,000,000 VND / case.
Price does not include:
- Passport term over six months.
- Personal expenses, excess baggage and expenses incurred outside the program.
- Money tips for guides and local drivers: 168,000 VND / person / day.
- Surcharge single room 11,500,000 VND / pax
(In case your registration to individual 1, if we depart with 2 or 2 FIT FIT Male Female're flexible coupling into 1 twin room, in the absence of any other retail customers to pair with your guests, you please pay premium single room).
Child fare: According to airline and service
- Children over 2 years and under 12 years: 75% of tour price + 100% tax: Price: 51,525,000 VND.
- Children under 2 years old: 35% tour price + 35% tax. Price: 22,365,000 VND.