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Mã tour : TOUR064
Thời gian : 9 Day
Ngày đi : 29/05/2015
Đặt tour
Day 1: City. HO CHI MINH CITY / HANOI - PARIS (Meals on the plane)
HDV welcome you at the International Terminal of Tan Son Nhat airport, flight VN 266 (18:30 to 20:30) and VN 19 (23:20 to 7:00) to Paris. Refreshments and overnight on board.
Day 2: PARIS - VERSAILLES (3 meals)
Morning: You International airport to Paris, Depart to visit:
Eiffel Tower: visitors have the opportunity to the 2nd floor of this wonder to admire the beauty of the whole city and capture unforgettable images and symbols of France.
Triumphal Arch (Arc de Triomphe) - France's historic icons.
Concorde Square.

Noon: Group lunch at local restaurant.
Walking boat on the Seine poetic views over the magnificent city of Paris.
Magnificent Versailles Palace - the residence of many of King Louis, the work marks the essence of the art of the 17th and 18th century France, where many antiques store of Royal.
Evening: After dinner, guests return to the hotel to rest.

Day 3: PARIS (3 meals)
Morning: breakfast, depart to visit:
Guests go on up the hill Montmartre cable (Mongolia Hill Marxist). Panoramic view of Paris - the capital of the European light. Visit the Basilica of Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart Church).
Notre Dame: the famous attractions in Paris associated with stories "Hunchback Notre Dame."
Noon: Group lunch at the restaurant.
Free shopping at the Champs Elysees
Evening: Dinner at a restaurant, free to walk around the hotel or lodging.
Day 4: PARIS - Brugge - BRUSSELS (3 meals)
Morning: Have breakfast at the hotel and check out. Depart to Brugge - Old Quarter, dubbed the Venice of the North, visit:
Church of Our Lady Church with the statue masterpiece "Madonna and Child" by sculptor Michelangelo Italian genius.
Belfort old bell tower was built in the Middle Ages - the famous symbol of the city.
Sweets and chocolate shop
Noon: After lunch in a restaurant, departure to Brussels.
Visiting the beautiful Grand Square.
Te boy standing statue - Mannenken Pis (the symbol of Belgium).
Evening: Dinner. You check in the hotel to rest
Day 5: BRUSSELS - AMSTERDAM (3 meals)
Morning: Have breakfast at the hotel and check out. Depart Amsterdam. Amsterdam, visit:
Zaanse Schans village, factory wooden clogs, cheese and avocado relish the farm.
Fields tried beautiful windmill symbol of the Netherlands.
Noon: Group lunch at the restaurant, then visit:
Dam Square
City Sightseeing Red Light (Red Light
Evening: dinner at the restaurant. You are free to explore the red light district Red Light. Check in at the hotel to rest.
Day 6: AMSTERDAM - COLOGNE (3 meals)
Morning: Have breakfast at hotel, check-out procedures. You are free to visit the shop in Amsterdam.
Noon: Lunch at a restaurant, depart for Cologne - city located on the romantic Rhine River, visit: Dom Cathedral Center Cologne (Germany), this is the famous ancient churches of this city .
Evening: dinner and back to the hotel overnight in Cologne

Day 7: COLOGNE - HEIDELBERG (3 meals)
Morning: Breakfast at hotel, depart to Heidelberg, the famous tourist city. As the oldest city in Germany, Heidelberg autumn beauty at infatuated with gold leaf canopy, dithering and bridges, ancient buildings ...
Heidelberg Castle neck.
Freedom to walk the old town.
Afternoon departure to Frankfurt. City Tour Frankfurt - Germany's commercial center and the city is important fairs worldwide, visiting churches Frankfurt. Banking and financial district.
Evening: dinner at a local restaurant. Rest at the hotel.
Day 8: FRANKFURT - VIETNAM (Breakfast)
Morning: breakfast at the hotel and check out.
Car and HDV take you to the airport for flight procedures VN36 (13:55 to 05:40) and VN 233 (09:30 to 11:30) in Vietnam.
To Vietnam - the program ends. Hope to see you.