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Mã tour : TOUR070
Thời gian : 3 Day
Ngày đi : 7 /7 / 2015
Đặt tour
Day 1: HCMC - Rach Gia
Evening: Departure to Rach Gia (Kien Giang) - You stay in the car.

Day 2: Rach Gia - DISCOVER ISLANDS TOURISM Malaysia (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Morning: Arrive in Rach Gia, for breakfast. Delegation catch trains to the island Great (also called islet Cu Tron, one of 21 islands located in the Nam Du archipelago. On the way the ship passed through bamboo Hon, Hon Son, you have a chance to see the island nguong- the island also offers pristine beauty and scenery sky southwest coast of the country, far side are intertwined islands, each island has its own beauty. By Hon Lon, you get rest.
Noon: Lunch. Delegation visit the park Lovers Tree with clear sea water and cool with the ball leaning coconut trees, life tree up to 70-80 years. Delegation to than the color, on the road across the Hon Ngang - Nam Du commune centers where people live focus, visiting gambling (also known as Black Rock beaches) with large boulders, small undulating waves each . Hon Hai Bo Continue Beating welcomed with unspoiled scenery, you are free swimming, snorkeling, fisheries (pinch, shellfish, ...)
Afternoon: Have a BBQ grill on the beach. Overnight in islet Cu Tron.

Day 3: Older TRON - LIGHTHOUSE Pakistan DU (B, L)
AM: You can wake early to watch the sunrise on the island, immersed in the natural scenery, everyday life of people on the island. Dine sang.Doan explore Hon Lon scene on a motorbike (motorcycle costs excluded), sightseeing, bathing beach in Dat Do - Well of Korea, one of the island's beautiful beaches. To steep Mr. Love panoramic royal beach from above - as clean and beautiful beaches in the south wind season, and there are special markers for where King Gia Long run into Siamese invaders stopped "coming on" here. Nam Du conquer Lighthouse sits atop the Big Island (Cu Tron), is considered the highest lighthouse located in Vietnam thanks to higher hill 300 meters above sea level.
Noon: Lunch. Union vessel back to the mainland, depart for HCMC, on the way you stop to buy specialty magnets jaggery, nem Lai Vung, ... as a gift for a loved one. To HCMC. End of trip, break unions and see you
Package Includes:
  • Sightseeing vehicles throughout the program.
  • Eat meals on the tour:
  • Breakfast: 2 breakfast.
  • Formal Dining: 2 100,000 standard meals, BBQ meal on the island 1 Standard VND150,000
  • Lodging on the island, Room 4 (4 guests / room).
  • Enthusiastic instructors catering accommodation during the tour group.
  • Tickets to the program.
  • Tau Rach - Big Island - Rach Gia, sightseeing boats in the program.
  • Guests are offered a bottle of water on the vehicle 02 / person / day.
  • You are presented with 01 caps Travel Vietnam.
  • Insurance compensation for the tour, the highest level 30,000,000d / case.
  •  Price does not include:
  • Dining, sightseeing and transportation outside the program.
  • Fostering guide and driver VND50,000 / person.
  • Surcharge single room.
  • Laundry expenses, tent, soft drinks, ...
  • Surcharge foreigners.
  • Fares for children:
  • Children aged 11 years or older to purchase one ticket as adults.
  • Children 5 years and under 11 years old pay 50% of the price. Includes transportation, meals and insurance. Sleeping with their parents.
  • Children 2 to 5 years free tour. Sleeping with their parents.
  • Two adults with one child only. 2nd child from ages 2 to 5 years old to buy half the adult fare. Standard half-fares include meals, seats and stay with the family.