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Travel Dalat

Mã tour : TOUR076
Thời gian : 05/05/2015
Ngày đi : 06/05/2015
Đặt tour
Day 1: City. Ho Chi Minh City - Da Lat - Waterfall Datanla (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

     AM: Car Guide and Vietnam Travel Company Members welcome at meeting point of departure to Da Lat.Doan stop for breakfast at Fork Oil Wire.
     Noon: Lunch at Bao Loc.
     PM: Arrive in Da Lat, you continue to visit Datanla Falls: Guests come to enjoy the waterslide thrills (expenses excluded) Robust guests get rest.

Evening stroll customer self-sufficient city of Da Lat night, sightseeing Ho Xuan Huong, enjoy a taste of highland coffee (expenses excluded). Overnight hotel in Dalat.

Day 2: Da Lat - Domain De Marie Church - KDL. Dream Hill - Mount Langbiang (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

     Morning: Guests dine sang.Tham Church offices Domain-de-Marie, Dream Hill Resort with miniature Great Wall, cultural exchange gong.
     Noon: Lunch at the hang.Doan continue gaining altitude Langbiang with 2.169m - Listen to the story of his love and her brave Lang Bian beautiful. Enjoy a most scenic communities of Lam Vien Plateau: Five Hundred Valleys, Lake Dankia, Yellow Springs, Silver Springs.

Dark night you attend the camp fire, drinking wine, arts gongs, cultural exchanges with Montagnard (expenses excluded), overnight in Dalat.

Day 3: Bao Dai - Garden - Truc Lam - Thien Vuong Co Sat (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

     Morning you dine sang.Tham Bao Dai Palace, where King Bao Dai's work with the National Truong.Doan role continue to visit the garden city - where several thousand flowers implementation Thien Vuong Pagoda racing sac.Tham ancient, challenge yourself with the turntable magic.
Noon lunch at the restaurant.
    Afternoon, visit Truc Lam, take the cable car doiRobin (expenses excluded), sightseeing pine forest, Tuyen Lam Lake, Phoenix Mountains from above.
    Evening dinner, walk around the mountain, and specialty shopping at the night market Da Lat.Nghi hotels in Da Lat night.

Day 4: Dalat - Truc Lam Vien - TP. Ho Chi Minh City (B, L)

    Morning breakfast, pay phong.Khoi operating in HCMC, along the way, you stop to visit Truc Lam Vien Tourist Zone (Tran Le Gia Trang) an interesting place, romantic with standalone projects Thanh Tam special needs, Nine Usage waterfall, waterfall Jewels, Furniture Tue Hien, Japanese stone garden ... delegation to Bao Loc, enjoy free tea and coffee.

    Lunch Group lunch in Bao Loc.

    Afternoon to HCMC. End of trip, break unions and see you

Price List:

weekly Thursday 2,999,000 3*
Package Includes:

    Sightseeing vehicles throughout the program.
    Eat meals on the tour (7 meals + 4 breakfast) 80,000 VND / meals + 35,000 VND / breakfast.
    Equivalent standard hotel 3 stars: Dai Loi, Gold Rum, Mai Vang, Cam Do ... cord at the price ... or equivalent, if the 3rd person sleeping odd coupling 3k / room. A fully equipped room, cable TV.
    Enthusiastic instructors catering accommodation during the tour group.
    Tickets visit: Included in the tourist locations in program + gong.
    Guests are offered a bottle of water on the vehicle 02 / person / day.
    You are presented with 01 caps Travel Vietnam.
    Insurance compensation for the tour, the highest level 30,000,000d / case.

Price does not include:

    Dining, sightseeing and transportation outside the program.
    Surcharge single room.
    Surcharge foreigners.
    Jeep mountain, Robin Hill cable car, slides Datala costs gong ...
    And other expenses not included in the cover.

Tickets for children:

    Children 12 years of age or older to purchase one ticket as adults.
    Children 6 to 11 years old with 50%. Includes transportation, meals and insurance. Sleeping with their parents.
    Children 2 to 5 years free tour. Sleeping with their parents.
    Two adults with one child only. 2nd child from age 2 to 5 years old to buy half the adult fare. Standard half-fares include meals, seats and stay with the family.