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Travel India - Nepal: Land Buddhist Pilgrimage On 10 Days

Mã tour : TOUR046
Thời gian : 06/07/2015
Ngày đi : 06/07/2015
Đặt tour

     Guests gathered at the gate D2 airport of Tan Son Nhat International, the chief will welcome you to lamthu exit procedures, flight to Kolkata. Stop at the airport Suvanabhummi - Bangkok to forward flight. Kolkata, the city is located in eastern India by the river Hooghly and the 3rd largest in India. HDV and local welcome you, depart for Bodhgaya (Overnight on cars).

DAY 02: Bodhgaya

    Travel India
    After breakfast at the hotel Depart for sightseeing: Bodhgaya - Place of Religion of whom from Sub Sakyamuni, Mahabodhi Temple (Temple of Enlightenment itself) where Lord Sakyamuni reached the Fruit. One of the sacred pilgrimage site of Buddhism. Statue of Buddha Sakyamuni in Dai Giac tower is considered the holiest and most beautiful special magic of Buddha Shakyamuni
    Sacred Bodhi tree after 49 days of the Buddha meditating enlightenment here. 24m high stone Buddha
    Lunch and rest. Then Continue to drive along the river and visit the Temple she Sujata - legend has her remote (Sujata) gave up Buddha bowl of milk. Boat Ni River Union (Naranjana) - this was the place Buddha bathing bowl clean to get the remote milk. The Vietnam Buddhist temple Quoc Tu Pagoda Tibet in Bodhgaya ...
    Dinner, free to explore Bodhgaya night or meditation under the Bodhi Tree. Overnight at Bodhgaya.
Day 03: Bodhgaya Angra

    After breakfast, the delegation will visit: The typical temples around the world including China, Japan, Thailand, Burma ...
    Lunch. International visited monasteries
    Dinner, the evening will be Zen practice and prayers at the main temple. Overnight at Bodhgaya.

DAY 04 Bodhgaya - Rajgir - Nalanda - Vaishali

    After breakfast, the delegation drove away Rajgir (Rajagrha - 65km) and visit: Austerity Forestry Forest Cave (Sapatarni) - where Buddha hugh 6 years of hard training in the school of asceticism. Rajgir Rajgir - the capital of the Kingdom Magah mighty ruled by the King of Qin Ba Xa La. Visited Vulture Peak (Gridhkutta Mountain - Vulture's Park) faux sacred, where Buddha spent a long time with his disciples holy meditation and preaching the Lotus Sutra.
    Lunch. Afternoon visit: Bamboo Forest Garden Vihara (Venuvanaram), Prison Bimbasar. Continue to drive down to visit Nalanda University of ancient Buddhist and the first in the world.
    Dinner and overnight at the hotel. Vaishali - Kushinaga
Day 05: Vaishali - KUSHINAGA

     After breakfast, move down Kushinaga (Kushinagar). On road trips: Reservations thapVaishali - Place of nuns is set and the first was her foster mother - Buddha's stepmother.
     Lunch. Continue to visit the Temple Mahanaparinirvana (Temple Nirvana) - where the Buddha attained Nirvana, the house has long 6m Buddha in Nirvana posture. Tower Ramabhar (Tea Pi) - Tower Ramabhar located lakeside, where the cremation of a golden Buddha. According to Buddhist legend, this is a very big towers, but over time is just a large mound with a diameter of about 34m, 15m high.
     Dinner and the hotel to rest.
DAY 06: KUSHINAGA - Lumbini

     After breakfast, depart for Lumbini (Lumbini) where Lord Buddha was born, of Nepal, bordering India biengioi, this place recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage in 1997. The delegation will visit:
     Maya Devi temple - worshiping Empress, mother of Buddha
     Lunch, then continue to visit: Head stone Ashoka - Ashoka pillar was built in 259 BC, marks the Buddha's birth place. When building pillar, the king has tax relief for villagers Lumbini and bestowed 100 gold coins. Lake Puskarini - where Queen performed the first ritual bath for Buddha
     Dinner and the hotel to rest.
DAY 07: Lumbini - Sravasti

     After breakfast, depart for Sravasti (Sravasti) - the former capital of the ancient kingdom of Kosala (Kosala), a thriving Buddhist center and thriving. Lunch. Visit: Sahet Mahet - the ancient city of Sravasti. Jetamwana famous gardens (Jeta monastery), it is here that bourgeois Anatha gold spacious garden land bought up by Prince Jeta to build Vihara Buddha and offerings to the monks as a place to preach.
     Dinner and overnight at Sravasti
DAY 08 Sravasti - Varanasi

     India Ganges
     After breakfast, depart for Varanasi, the city lies on the banks of the Ganges. Visit: Sarnarth (VuonLoc Park) - 2nd relic worship of Buddhism, where Buddha preached his first after enlightenment under the Bodhi for 5 brothers Kondanna. Visit the museum Sarnarth - Where meditating Buddha with aura shines around - this sculpture from the 5th century.
     After dinner at the hotel you visit the Ganges at night Admire, drop flower and witness the Hindu festival on this sacred river ... Overnight at hotel in Varanasi.
DAY 09: Varanasi - Bodhgaya

     Early morning, the delegation went sightseeing boat dawn on the Ganges - Indian calendar Stop SDU segments running through the old city is kinhVaranasi holiest river Ganges. Here visitors not only see beautiful sparkling Ganges early mornings but also to witness the activities colorful religious mysticism. You return to the hotel for breakfast.
     Visiting the town Sarnarth. Depart for Bodhgaya. Dinner and overnight in Bodhgaya.

DAY 10: Bodhgaya - KOLKATA

     Union up early breakfast, depart for Kolkata. Lunch, free shopping. Dinner, HDV transfer to airport procedures, flight to Vietnam. Tan Son Nhat airport, guests and team leaders bid farewell to seeing you in the next tour.


    Meals according to the program, a 3-star hotel (standard 02 / room 02 single beds, probably female male cases probably sleeping room 3).
    Admission sightseeing program.
    Indian visa fees, Nepal.
    Airport transfer and car tours.
    English and Vietnamese guide during the tour
    Towels, hats
    Travel Insurance
    Gifts backpack tourism.


    The fee for a passport and visa to enter Vietnam for foreign visitors citizenship.
    Water, telephone, laundry at the hotel. Excess baggage under the provisions of aviation.
    Tip for tour guide and driver (65,000 VND / person / day)
    Medicine, hospital ... and other personal expenses out of the program.
    Visa for foreigners was 1,700,000 VND / person.


    From 2 years and under: 30% of tour price + tax (Bed sharing with adult).
    From 2 years and under 11 years old: 75% tour price + tax (Bed sharing with adult).
    From 11 years and older: adult price.
    Taxes: 169 USD


    Case of cancellation please pay the tour cancellation fee as follows:
    Before dates of 15 working days: payment of 30% of the tour.
    Before dates of 10 working days: payment of 50% of the tour.
    Previous day from 6 to 9 working days: payment of 70% of the tour.
    Previous day from 3 to 5 working days: payment of 85% of the tour.
    3 days before the date of travel: to pay 100% of the tour.
    The cancellation of the trip must be notified directly to the Company or via fax, e-mail and must be confirmed by the Company. The cancellation by phone are not accepted